Winter Quiet

They are long, brown months, certainly. There is also great beauty when looked for or planned for. Whether you see Winter as unavoidable or a welcome and necessary change, it provides both garden and gardener a chance to rest. For the gardener, this also means a chance to dream.


Agave and Tecolote Stone, rural Santa Fe.

Meditation bell and snow-capped sunflower, also rural Santa Fe.

Fountain and ancient euonymous in Santa Fe courtyard.

Fountain and ancient euonymous in Santa Fe courtyard.

Bitter antelope bush, Santa Fe.

Blue Avena grass.

A tapestry of groundcovers between flagstone, with petrified wood and mugho pine.

Andorra juniper, woolly thyme, and winter red heather over moss rock wall.

Nassela tennuissima grass, Artemisia versicolor, and sculpted limestone head with sempervivum "cap".

Persistant fruit on espalliered ornamental crab.

Strong forms and evergreens in courtyard beds.

Backlit miscanthus.

Mixed evergreen forms and colors render this scene both peaceful and bold.

Another mixture of evergreen forms and colors. Stone also adds to the textures of winter.

Below a protective retaining wall, a Feruary-blooming heather.

Winter invites closer looks.

Switchgrass backlit by February sun.


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