Historic Villa Style

Green Way Gardening has had the honor of maintaining this historic garden since 2003. Most of the architectural features of the garden were in place by then. However, Green Way has continually updated each area, added many features, and developed new areas for nearly a decade. Two themes come together in the design choices for this garden: Peacefulness and stately drama.

Connected: a pavestone terrace to the natural environment.

Steps leading up from the natural environment to the pavestone terrace.

Japanese blood grass and nasturtium at top of staircase.

Across to the second stairway.

Rock garden which can be seen from the homeowner's office.

Cat in rock garden on mixed carpet of evergreen groundcovers next to petrified log.

Agastache, sedum, and mugho pine, looking back toward house.

Pavestone steps.

Upper stone steps, added to connect lower and upper terraces, were stained with iron oxide to match the character of older stones.

A container stands sentinal on the entry to a courtyard.

Stepping into the courtyard for another view.

In a sage-green container, Mexican thread grass, black and blue salvia, and sea foam artemisia surround a carved limstone head with a sempervivum cap.

Fountain splashes a soothing sound in the courtyard. Note: Hardened brick pavers allow moisture to filter into the soil.

A covered back porch provides respite from the heat of the day.

From the back porch into the courtyard.

Courtyard apple trees are underplanted with a collection of fancy-leaved pelargoniums.

A weeping white pine presides over a tapastry of evergreens, perennials, and annuals.

Dressed for Hallowe'en.

Now, we begin the Winter views.

Across the terrace stairway.

View from the office.

Groundcovers near petrified wood in their winter hues.

Silent fountain.

Snow is heaped on beds for "trickle irrigation".

Poolside bed in quiet color. Notice how the containers anchor the scene.

Backlit grasses in view toward the house.


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