Fairies are Happy Here

Most everyone who has ever worked with me in the gardens, has liked this one the best. It’s a place that feels good. I started caring for this garden in the fall of 1999 and still care for it. In fact — big confession here — after the big rush is done in May, I let myself do the weekly maintenance, just for the joy of it.

A gentle Spring morning.

False forget-me-not and emerging robust male ferns.

Lighthearted tulips.

Tulips and emerging Ligularia.

Fragrant Thalia daffodils, tulips, and variegated iris against a background of lady's mantel.

Golden-throated white tulips.

Wild American plum. Unbelievably reliable.

A long, sloping bed with a gentle, east-facing exposure.

Lupines and dark blue iris in June.

Self-sowing columbines, veronica, feverfew, cranesbill, and red valerian under a sheltering Ponderosa pine.

Dwarf goats beard in the mixed front border. Color courtesy impatiens.

Robust male fern and Brunner "Jack Frost".

Long-flowering dianthus in mid-summer.

Mid-summer in the east border, daylilies and Johnson's blue geranium.

The chartreuse flowers of Lady's mantel contibuting to the softer side of June.

Lamium, Heuchera, Chocolate Eupatorium, and white cranesbill in the east bed.

The long view up the east bed.

Campanula and meadow sweet.

Red recliners on the quiet lawn.

Impatiens peek out from under hail-battered hostas and Japanese painted ferns. Hostas and ferns went into the garden after first frost.

A shady rockgarden under an ash tree.

Blue geranium and baby duck petunia.

Back to the gentle east side.

Japanese painted fern.

Welcoming entry way.

Daisies just opening with veronica and lady's mantel.

Stargazer lily. First used in a container in 2000. Still going strong.

Astilbe and the last of the foxglove.

Chocolate Eupatorium and daylilies.

Old-fashioned, lemon-scented daylilies.

Sun lights up the Karl Foerster grass.

Dayliles and Karl play well together.

...and contrast beautifully with the chocolate eupatorium.

Daylilies have naturalized under aspens and among boulders.

A spider lily.

What a face.

Impatiens love the heat of July.

Potentilla and naturalized daylily under aspen.

Fragrant Oriental lilies, "Moonbeam" coreopsis, and daisies. Late summer in the east bed.

Daisies bloom for nearly a month on the north side.

Liatrus and Russian sage.

Russian sage and cosmos.

Fall flowering lilium speciosum "Alba".

The east bed in autumn light.

A closer look at the white species lily.

Purple dome aster.

Impatiens teamed with strong foliage.

Rudbeckia and Rozanne geranium.

Tomatoes in the herb bed on a sunny foundation wall.

Shadows of cosmos on the front walk.

Wild rose hips.

Peking cotoneaster.


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