Autumn Glory

Autumn in Colorado is usually a glorious and lengthy affair. It’s seldom we receive a killing frost before mid or even late October. Occasionally an early snow lays the gardens down before they’ve completely hardened off. Most years, however, warm, dry weather prevails until all the grasses and seed heads are ready to stand for the winter. Low levels and angles of light are irresistable and so enhance the beauty of the season.

Purple dome aster stealing the show.

Heuchera, sweet potato vine, variegated fuchsia, and double impatiens overflowing their shade garden container.

Blue for weeks, Russian sage will still be beautiful, even when its Liatrus companion is gone to seed.

Cosmos lasting well into September.

Black-eyed Susan and Rozanne geranium sparkling with color.

Species lily "Alba" fragrantly blooms from mid-September into October.

Hosta and impatiens sparkle in sunlight after the ash leaves fall.

Every garden has at least one angel.

Planted for its delicate foliage, this dwarf goats beard looks its best in Autumn.

A very good reason to leave peonies standing.


A traffic-stopping "Autumn Purple" ash.

Cooler weather often increases flower production. Homestead verbena and diascia.

Cinderella pumpkins, tomatoes, and red cabbage.

Hardy plumbago (on left) only begins to flower when its foliage starts to turn. Growing beside lamium.

Discia and ash leaves.

Bulbs await planting between a dwarf barberry and companula.



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